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Clinical Trial Payment Management Software. A SaaS offering for the big company and the small.

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Management System

Manage your site and vendor contracts easily and efficiently with our innovative payments software.



Fast, simple, secure patient reimbursement. 1) Snap 2) Upload 3) Repeat. Reduce the burden on clinical trial participation with our prepaid card, and user-friendly app.



A fast and secure way to get your documents signed - whether it's one or multiple signatures - all within one system.

Providing cost effective clinical trial payment solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and CRO industries. Simple, transparent, user friendly software to enable accurate and timely Sponsor payments to hospital sites around the globe.

Patient Focused

Fast, easy, expense reimbursement for clinical trial participants, reducing the burden of participating in clinical trials and improving participant retention.

Site Focused

Reducing the administrative burden on sites. Portal access for transparency and engagement, alongside practical features and flexibility. Let sites be paid quickly and accurately for the outstanding work they do.

Sponsor Focused

Comprehensive in financial information capturing. Accurate financial reporting, payment cycle metrics and benchmarking data. Driving strategic decision making for the Pharma/Biotech industries.